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Welcome to the new website. We have built the site from ground up with a lot of improvements. Old softwares are being re-developed using the Nevron UI Controls. Please bear with us in the meantime.

What's new?
  • User Account system
    The site features a new user account system which is integrated with the forums so that a single account can be used across the website. Existing forum users can login with their accounts.
  • Faster browsing
    Because it has been built from scratch, unnecessary codings have been removed. Also, the new design is highly object oriented, further reducing the size of pages.
  • Instant Registration code forwarding
    Our valued customers don't need to wait for us to manually create registration codes. The registration system is tightly coupled with paypal so that you can get your registration code in seconds after completing the payment.
  • More detailed and categorized Product section
    The product section is much more modular. The design has also been optimized for easy viewing.
Nevron UI Controls
We have acquired a license from Nevron for their Nevron User Interface for .NET. This will allow us to ship our products with great looking, high class & faster performing user controls. Some of the applications will also allow skins to be changed.

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