About Us

Welcome to Maxotek - the home of Partho Sarathi's software venture which aims at being a platform for the development of intuitive software for any computer user. Originally started as Parthosoft, the company name has undergone quite a few changes - Gen X, N-Tek. We have finally settled with the name Maxotek which is still more or less unique. This is the third version of our site. Please bear with us as we migrate our existing products to the new system.

As of July 29, 2007, the site has been fully launched. Our Technical blog which can be accessed from the top menu, is fully active.

The Future

The future of the company is quite uncertain, at the moment. Initially, it was my passion to develop and distribute softwares that led me to setup the one man company. Having recently completed my graduation, I have been on the lookout for a job. If I don't find a decent job as a software/web developer, the chances of Maxotek becoming a real (government registered) company is extremely high. Customized application development will be the main aspect, once that is done.

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