E-Mail notification via SMS

Pika Bot is a Yahoo! Messenger Protocol based client that can automatically respond to incoming messages or in chat rooms using an event, condition & triggering system (in short a Yahoo Bot).

E-Mail notification via SMS

Postby partho » Mon Feb 04, 2008 9:04 pm

The Bot Engine has had some additions in terms of a new Condition E-Mail Arrived and two new effects RunCLSCode and RunDLL.

These can be used to send E-Mail notifications as SMS to cellphones in India. The process works as follows:-

1. Google Account (Main Account) receives a new Mail.
2. GMail is set to forward this mail to a Yahoo! email address.
3. The Yahoo! account is signed into messenger protocol using Pika Bot.
4. Pika Bot traps the E-Mail Arrived condition and calls an external DLL to send SMS using

If you are using Yahoo! as your primary address then the first two steps are not required.

Note:- At present, these are experimental changes and may not make their way to the general public.
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