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Postby partho » Fri May 23, 2008 2:25 pm

This Response File contains a Bot that looks up definitions on the Web and posts them back to the Chat Room. When Auto Definition Mode is turned off, the Bot only responds when a message of the form define word is posted. The Bot also notifies if a definition is not found. In Auto mode, the Bot tries to define every thing posted in the chat room, be it one word or a sentence. The define keyword is not required before the words. Also, it does not notify about unfound definitions.


    define word - Defines whatever follows the define keyword.
    def off - Turns off the Auto Define Mode
    def on - Turns on the Auto Define Mode

This response file is only supported by v 4.4 (To be released soon) and above. Because the response file uses Net Effects, a minimum of Pro edition is required for it to work. Open the response file in Read-Only mode when asked for the password.
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