The Bomber Man


In this game, you control The Bomberman throughout his efforts to climb the 50 floors of the underground labyrinth and reach the surface in order to become human. In order to do this, you must accomplish two things on each floor: You must destroy every enemy, and you must reveal the exit which can only be used once ever enemy is defeated. In addition to this, every floor contains one power-up that can increase Bomberman's abilities, as well as his chances for survival. Bomberman begins the game with ability to produce one bomb at a time with an explosion range of one square.

Power-ups can be collected to increase both the number of bombs he can drop, and the range of the explosions. The touch of an enemy, and being caught in an explosion are both lethal to Bomberman (but he can withstand explosions if he collects the Flamepass power-up).

Ordinarily, the bombs detonate on their own a couple of seconds after being dropped, but the Detonator power-up can give Bomberman the useful ability to detonate the bombs on command whenever he chooses. (See Controls section below for more info.)

Bomberman's bombs can also detonate one another in chain reactions.

If the stage is not cleared within the time limit, more enemies will appear. (See Enemies section below for more info on enemies.)

Current Version:
Release Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Release Status: Minor Update
Type: Freeware
Category: Games & Entertainment::Other
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Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
PAD File: The Bomber Man.xml

Change Log

  • Version (Sunday, June 20, 2010)
    • New Release
  • Version (Sunday, June 20, 2010)
    • Directory Fix


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